Friday, May 10, 2013

Actions to take to solve IRS problem

Problems with the Internal Revenue Service or IRS is really difficult to be settled. If you a receive a notice about your debt, don’t panic and get overwhelmed at once but think of the things that you need to do to solve your problem. But to better get rid of this problem, don’t wait for the IRS notice to reach your hands and just let it standby. Take some IRS tax Solution.

As member of the state, it is your responsibility to pay for your taxes, you have no way to escape from it. However, there are some instances that you are not able to pay on time. Reasons may be lack of time, you forgot, or you just badly need the money and can’t afford to pay your taxes. It is alright to be sometimes a little irresponsible but it is not alright not to pay them, so what you need to are the following steps to come up with IRS solutions.

One. Read the notice from the IRS many times for better comprehension of the terms mentioned in it. Reading it once won’t allow you to understand it fully. While reading, take note of the every detail that IRS is asking from you, these notions may include the particular issue in argument, the payment that is requested for you to satisfy, and the year of the tax that the notice is referring to.

Two. Compare and review the notice you receive and the filed tax return you have for the year. To be sure of what are mentioned, contact your CPA to tackle the issues. You may set up a meeting with your CPA but before doing so, email or fax him the Form 2848, power of attorney IRS that will give him the power to talk on your behalf.

Three. You should also talk to an agent of IRS who is listed in your notice before meeting your CPA to ask for IRS tax assistance. The list is placed at the top right corner of your notice. When you contact an agent, make sure to take note of the time and date you have called, his name and the details of your conversation. It is also important to ask for his agent number, don’t be hesitant to ask him again if you don’t hear it clearly.

And lastly, meet up with your CPA and bring all the documents and proofs such as IRS notice, the details of the conversation, your previous tax return payment and let him suggest you IRS tax settlement.

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