Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Achieving Online Presence | Explanation of John Phanchalad

In an interview with John Phanchalad we asked few questions about Online presence. We got very great answers from John Phanchalad. I am going to share a few things he said:

Online presence is a requirement for any brand that launches online in order to generate revenues online. We can achieve this through the following factors.

 Website and graphic design

The first look of any website tells the visitor almost everything about the company and its customer care. The color schemes play a vital role in creating the first impression. Navigation through different products and services shows the usefulness of the site to the user. Logos and taglines are the basic medium for pulling traffic to your site. The logo tells the visitor about your concern in customer satisfaction and feedback. Testimonials of present customers are also a very inspiring push for a new visitor. The design of your product website and its interface i.e. user experience design should be user friendly so that it is ranked higher in search engines and bring traffic to you for your greater benefit.

SEO and Internet marketing

Ranking higher in the search results is the basic requirement if you want your site to be visible to the interested visitors. It is done through a set of techniques called search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines rank pages by doing certain comparisons and calculations through their complex algorithms. SEO campaigns do on-site optimizations as well as apply off-site tactics, to create a portfolio of backlinks that increases its ranking. SEO helps search engines recognize the relevance of your site for certain keywords and phrases. The quality of acquired links determines the ability of the site to rank higher.

Internet marketing can be used to make your website as your business' most powerful lead generator. Significant value can be added to websites through content marketing. Social media marketing, advertisements, search engine marketing (SEM) and banner ads can be used to raise your site and your business to unprecedented levels of success. Managing campaigns on social media, monitoring of promotion performance and detailed analytics for your site online help make it a successful competitor on the relevant market. Through social media you can share basic information, pictures and videos about your company and services to increase brand awareness, promote positive word of mouth, talk to existing and potential customers, provide customer satisfaction, expand brand presence, increase visibility in search engines and transform your satisfied customers into a loyal community online. This will steer raising traffic towards your website.

Customer support and feedback

Customer support is what makes brands special. If you provide good customer care, guarantee customer satisfaction and periodically get feedback from your buyers, the potential buyers will converge to your website and you will get what you wanted just by caring more about your customers than about the search engine.

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